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Colton in one of the later chapters

"I hate politics."
- Colton
Colton Cardon is a major character in the first book of the Westover Series. He debuts in the first chapter of the first book, Rulers of Westover, aged fourteen. He was once second in line to his father’s titles, but after the tragic deaths of both his older brother and father, he became Head of his House. He was made Voice shortly after by King Maxwell Talvace, making him the youngest Voice in the history of Westover. His first battle as Head of his House was against a kraken, from which he was drowned. However Maxwell revived him minutes later. He and Maxwell were once in an alliance with House Ravenot, but have since been betrayed. However, only one person was lost.

Biography Edit


Colton is the second child and son of Lady Susane and Lord Malin Cardon. Malin is the head of House Cardon and Overlord of the Westlands. The Westlands is one of the territories within the nation of Westover and House Cardon is one of the High Houses of the country. House Cardon rule the region from their seat of Oxfort and Malin also holds the title of Lord of Oxfort. He is also the Voice of the King to King Rylan Talvace.

Colton was born and raised in Oxfort. He has an older brother, Brantley, and a younger brother Denver. He also has two younger sisters, Gytha and Posy. Colton is a mature boy for his age, being serious beyond his years when needed to be. However when not in a difficult situation (though not limited to), he will strive to show his fun loving, boyish side. He enjoys using sarcasm, teasing those close to him, and being a bit of a jester. Colton's biggest flaw is probably his often subjective attitude towards others. He is on good terms with all of his siblings, but is particularly close with his older brother, Brantley, and his youngest sister, Posy.