Westover Map Improved

Map of Westover with seats of the High Houses marked.

The Six High Houses of Westover are the six most powerful noble families in Westover. They each hold the highest authority over the land they control and some consider them more powerful together than the monarch. It should be noted however that this is just what the people consider. The High Houses do in fact answer to the King/Queen. The High Houses were created at the end of King Robin Ferinn's reign over Westover.

While there is peace between the High Houses, there is still some rivalry, especially between the three more powerful High Houses: Talvace, Cardon, and Auber. Each High House has a noteable strength over the others, for example, House Ravenot has the largest of all the armies while House Auber is the wealthiest, though followed closely by House Talvace.

The High Houses: