House Cardon is one of the High Houses of Westover. It rules over the Westlands (nicknamed "The Meadow" due to House Cardon's animal being the bull), from Oxfort.

House Cardon's heraldry is: the face of a dark grey bull upon a crimson field. Their family motto is: "We are Strength and Wit." 


  • {Lord Malin Cardon}, former head of House Cardon until death during the Siege of Oxfort. 
    • ​His wife Lady Susane. 
    • Their children: 
      • ​{Brantley Cardon}, House Cardon's heir until death during the Siege of Oxfort. Died aged sixteen. 
      • Colton Cardon, head of House Cardon, Lord of Oxfort, Overlord of the Westlands, Voice of the King, aged fifteen. 
      • {Gytha Cardon}, died aged thirteen in the Siege of Oxfort.
      • Denver Cardon, a boy of eleven.
      • Posy Cardon, a girl of seven. 

 Physical AppearanceEdit

Members of House Cardon typically have dark brown hair, blue or grey eyes and a fair complexion. \


House Cardon first became a renowned House after it helped in the defeat of King Robin Ferinn. When King Jordan Talvace died, House Cardon became the new Royal House, as Jordan had left no heirs and Richard Cardon had been his Voice. One of the first laws King Richard created was that female children could also become head of a family. However this soon started mobs all across Westover, so Richard changed it so that females could become head of a family if all brothers, both older and younger, had died without offspring. (Example: House Cardon itself in present time has five children. Young Lady Gytha is the third child, but fourth in line to become head of the family, after her younger brother, Lord Denver.) Although this didn't settle things completely, less people complained and female heirs to noble houses often gave King Richard donations as thanks when they became head of their families.