"Oh good! I was getting concerned that we'd miss out on the whole war."
- Layne

Layne Talvace is a minor character in the first book of the Westover Series. He debuts in the twenty-first chapter of the first book, Rulers of Westover, aged fifteen. Layne joined his brother and the Voice just before the Talvace Alliance headed into the Veil (South-Easternlands), along with Tanner Ravenot. He was part of the war party for only twenty-eight days before Tanner and his sister, Myla Ravenot, betrayed the Talvace Alliance. Layne was the only person they managed to kill before both were slaughtered by Colton Cardon. He was the heir to the throne until his death aged fifteen.



Layne is the second child and son of Queen Tiana and King Rylan Talvace. Rylan is the head of House Talvace, Overlord of the Midlands, and King of Westover. The Midlands is one of the territories within the nation of Westover and House Talvace is one of the High Houses of the country. House Talvace rule the kingdom from their seat of Cassbury and Rylan also holds the title of Lord of Cassbury.

Layne was born and raised in Cassbury. He has an older brother, Maxwell, and a younger brother, Easton. He also has two younger sisters, Fayre and Lilli. Layne is an ambitious prince who hopes to forge his own destiny that does not include being king. He's always dreamt of being a celebrated war leader. Layne can be overly serious at times and is known to be a bit of a hot head. He's closest with his older brother, Maxwell.