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A portrait of Maxwell

"Has he become a better king yet?"

- Lord Lanford Thaon, asking about Maxwell

Maxwell Talvace is a major character in the first book of the Westover Series. He debuts in the third chapter of the first book, Rulers of Westover, aged seveteen. He was heir to the throne until his father's death in an ambush from which he was critically injured himself and is now king. Shortly after becoming king, he was challenged by Lord Blake Auber the first and is now in the middle of a war against him.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Maxwell is the eldest child and son of Queen Tiana and King Rylan Talvace. Rylan is the head of House Talvace, Overlord of the Midlands, and King of Westover. The Midlands is one of the territories within the nation of Westover and House Talvace is one of the High Houses of the country. House Talvace rule the kingdom from their seat of Cassbury and Rylan also holds the title of Lord of Cassbury.

Maxwell was born and raised in Cassbury. He has two younger brothers, Layne and Easton, and two younger sisters, Fayre and Lilli. Unlike his father and brother, Layne, Maxwell has the 'typical' Talvace personality. He is loyal to a fault and considerate of others. His father once called him a logical and positive thinker, though it seems as time progresses Maxwell uses logic less and less.